A unique building process

Twintec USA provides a total service from early scheduling, to coordination of all transport and delivery of materials and equipment to site, a thorough pre-pour meeting with all parties to a successful complete finished floor slab project, on schedule, and with an efficient clean-up and demobilizing.

Every project goes through a rigorous due diligence and quality-oriented procurement to ensure the ultimate choice in materials (especially the concrete mix design), equipment and skilled labor, allowing Twintec USA to build outstanding jointless floors, always and anywhere in the world

All Twintec SFRC floors are delivered with rigorous quality control and attention to details.


On request, Twintec can offer the fine grading of the sub-base using laser-controlled equipment.

This is the best way to obtain very accurate sub-base tolerances and therefore have an excellent platform for casting the jointless steel fiber reinforced floor slab.


Twintec team will be on site a few days before the pour to diligently prepare the slab details such as columns enclosures (use of Sonotube or welded steel plates to square off the columns), specific details by dock levelers, extra mesh or/and reinforcement in specific location etc.

Twintec uses the best armor joints on the market that have been selected for their optimum load transfer system and their excellent steel edge protection, for best durability and low maintenance cost. These joints can be straight or corrugated for even smoother traffic.

Twintec will accurately place these joints based on the racking drawing provided to optimize the slab performance.

Fiber mixing

Twintec can guarantee a uniform, fast and safe steel fiber mixing in the concrete matrix, right on the job site, thanks to our unique Blastmachines, design and built in house. These unique machines are operated by experienced and trained staff.

Laser Screeding

Most of our work is carried out using the Laser Screed equipment allowing for excellent tolerances and high productivity.

These Laser Screeds can be fitted with smooth aviation tires and extended base plates to be used directly over insulation in freezer slab construction.

We have a rigorous selection and due diligence for our placing and finishing crews (partnering subcontractor), based on years of successful experience, skills, motivation and expertise.

Topping spreader

On request, a dry shake surface hardener made of coarse aggregate and cement can be evenly applied mechanically using a Topping Spreader just after the concrete has been poured. This can help in suppressing surface fibers but will also greatly improve abrasion and impact resistance.

A light grey dry shake can also be used to improve reflectivity and decrease lighting requirements.

Power floating

Highly skilled workers with the correct equipment will powerfloat our slabs to the highest finishing standard and to the required finished floor Ff/Fl tolerance. Once powerfloating is completed, the slab will either receive a spray on curing agent or a 7-days wet cure followed by a hardener sealer or again a curing agent.