Only Design-Build Firm:

Twintec USA is the only concrete flatwork specialist offering complete, in-house design-build services in North America. Twintec offers its Clients design experience backed by decades of research and development in the field of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC). In addition, Twintec USA works with the General Contractors, Consulting Engineers and Owners from early stage to customize and optimize the design on a project specific basis.

Structural Design Experience:

Twintec USA emphasises the importance of sound structural engineering in the concrete flatwork industry. Our Professional Engineers have a strong understanding of the slab mechanics and structural needs specific to your project.

When you partner with Twintec USA for your project, you can rest assured you are partnering with technically-sound concrete engineering experts who understand the specifics of your project and will work diligently to offer the most structurally sound system tailored to your needs.

Engineer of Record:

Twintec USA will be the Engineer of Record for the concrete flatwork on your project. All our designs are completed in-house by expert Professional Engineers and sealed drawings and calculations are available on request.

Optimum Performance:

Twintec USA designs every slab to be optimized for performance and cost. Our engineering expertise in advanced steel fiber concrete technology is applied to every design to ensure maximum performance and serviceability.


Twintec Group has a research and development program, involving in-house professional engineers from various countries to work on innovative and sustainable use of steel fiber reinforced technology and applications.

Design means

Twintec can design FREEPLAN solution on any type of ground, for any type of load, in any type of application, in order to suit client's needs.


On the forefront of steel fiber technology, Twintec use the most up-to-date standards to design floors, thanks to in-house developped softwares and latest finite elements non linear analysis.