Freeplan-mat SLAB

FREEPLAN-MAT combines quality concrete with high performance steel fibers at high dosages to produce slabs that can support high structural loads and ensure foundation stability for a wide number of applications.

The role of such mat foundation is generally to support the structure of the building and distribute concentrated load over the subsoil with controlled deformations. The high dosage of steel fibers will ensure an important gain in material properties such as flexural and shear capacity and control of shrinkage stresses.

There are various applications for the FREEPLAN-MAT slab system but the main one is for rack-supported buildings.


  • Value engineered design based on geotechnical information and complex load case combinations.
  • This solution can be combined with localized additional reinforcement for the peaks of stresses.
  • The performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) increases the durability of the finished floor in terms of structural performance, but also fatigue, abrasion and impact resistance. 
  •  Safer and faster installation: with steel fibers reinforcement, there is no need for rebar to be placed prior to the concrete works and continuous large panel pouring can be achieved - often by direct truck discharge or Telebelt and with the use of the Laser Screed - providing a safer and much faster working environment. 
  • Increased drilling flexibility with steel fiber reinforcement compared to double mat of rebars.
  • Cost effective solution thanks to the optimum design and important saving in construction schedule.