Twintec can also achieve pile-supported structural slabs using high strength steel fiber reinforced concrete without the need for additional rebar.

Our professional Engineers can advise on the best piling system to suits client's needs based on poor local soil conditions and lack of ground bearing capacity. The value engineered FREEPLAN-S solution design is based on extensive research and development as well as practical experience since 1994.

Even more than for the other FREEPLAN slab systems, the absence of double mat of rebar necessary in slab on piles, will make the slab preparation and installation much faster, smoother and safer.


  • FREEPLAN-S slab design can be optimized if applied at the early stage of the project and developped in conjunction with the piling system and detailing.
  • This solution can be designed to contain glycol pipes system for the freezer sub-slab applications.
  • The performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) increases the durability of the finished floor in terms of structural performance, but also fatigue, abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Safer and faster installation: with steel fibers reinforcement, there is no need for rebar to be placed prior to the concrete works and continuous large panel pouring can be achieved - often by direct truck discharge and with the use of the Laser Screed - providing a safer and much faster working environment.
  • Cost effective solution thanks to the optimum design and important saving in construction schedule.