Twintec FREEPLAN-XT is a perfect suitable product for heavy industry external slabs subjected to extreme wear and tear.

The 'joint-free' concept in external slabs reduces the need for perpetual maintenance and sealing of saw cut joints.


  • Design is improved by the continuity of the floor. Edge and corner loads are not critical as the only joints in the slab are armored joint designed to transfer the maximum load.
  • The performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) increases the durability of the finished floor in terms of structural performance, but also fatigue, abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Safer and faster installation: with steel fibers reinforcement, there is no need for rebar to be placed prior to the concrete works and continuous large panel pouring can be achieved - often by direct truck discharge and with the use of the Laser Screed - providing a safer working environment.
  • The FREEPLAN-XT can be laid to slopes.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and improved mobile equipment efficiency: by eliminating saw-cut joints, the FREEPLAN-XT system eliminates the biggest cause of problems and of ongoing maintenance of both floor and equipment.