Americold Freezer ASRS

Project details

Cold Storage Rack-Supported Building
115,900 sq. ft
Rochelle, Illinois, United States

Americold, a global leader in cold storage and
refrigerated warehousing services, recognized the long-time experience and leading edge Twintec possesses with the structural design and construction of concrete mat slab bodies as applied to automated, rack-supported buildings. The use of high tensile strength steel fibers, when incorporated in a specifically adapted concrete mix, will not only control shrinkage within the concrete body, but will also provide it with the structural properties of heavily reinforced concrete. In addition, the use of advanced steel fiber reinforcement instead of conventional rebar steel reinforcement allowed for the pouring of large areas in a faster and safer manner. After the completion of Twintec’s work, drilling and boring operations to place rails as well as the racking system (AS/RS) were required. Without the presence of potential rebar interferences, a highly efficient erection schedule was rendered possible.  The AS/RS system will use tall crane on rails as well as robotic conveyors to store, move and retrieve products throughout Americold’s newest high-bay warehouse.

Twintec_USA_ _Project_Spotlight_Americold_in_Rochelle,_IL_(2017).pdf