Wal-Mart Food Perishable Distribution Center

Project details

Freeplan-I and Freeplan
Cold Storage
370,000 sq ft
6" / 8"
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Walmart Canada approached Twintec USA in 2009 exploring avenues to entirely suppress saw-cut joints at their newest facilities. Such initiative was driven by increasing forklift and slab maintenance costs which Walmart intended to mitigate. In particular, forklift wheel costs and productivity inefficiencies due to lower handling speeds were entirely caused by the operation of sawn, damaged conventional slabs where sawn joints had curled, spalled or were broken. As discerning facility owners understand, all of these result in recurring, costly issues when operating conventional slabs. The Calgary PDC project was completed in 2010 and included turn-key slabs on grade and on insulation, designed and built by Twintec. As of 2018, Walmart’s PDC is one of Canada’s largest refrigerated buildings and one of its most energy-efficient. At this project, the largest joint-free slab panel’s footprint exceeded 19,000 ft², with an overall joint reduction factor of about 92%, which is typical for Twintec USA. The remaining construction joints were full-depth, armored, cold-rolled steel joints. These construction joints feature optimal, continuous load transfer to support maximal slab durability and serviceability. In addition to the referenced Calgary PDC project, Twintec USA has successfully designed and constructed four other specialty, heavily-reinforced distribution slab systems for Walmart in MN, NC, AB and ON.

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